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Truck Trailer Repair

Re-Tire Sales and Service isn’t just another Waco tractor trailer repair shop. Our mechanics are equipped to provide professional truck and trailer repair with the latest in diesel mechanic diagnostics software and diesel repair technologies, making our customers’ repair experiences as seamless as possible.

Had trouble getting my trailer pins released, these guys dispatched a mechanic right away and helped get me rolling. I really enjoyed speaking with the guy they sent out.

Ron Webb

I brought my truck in for repair and was pleasantly surprised at the service and quality here. Thank you and I will certainly be back when I need service again!

Andrew Stevenson

Big Rig Repairs

Looking for quality tractor trailer repair in Waco?

We go above and beyond to offer 24-hour heavy-duty truck repair and commercial truck repair services across McLennan County and the surrounding areas. With standards well beyond industry norms and a passion for ensuring our customers a hassle-free experience.

Since 2016

Fleet Services

We offer mobile diesel repair and on-site fleet services for all foreign and domestic commercial vehicles. Whether you are a fleet of one or one-hundred, let Re-Tire Sales and Service, LLC handle the proactive maintenance your equipment needs to stay on the job and eliminate the inconvenience of downtime. We take pride in offering our customers quality, efficient fleet services at a fair price.

Tire Services

We offer new tires for all kinds of equipment, as well as cost-efficient retread tires and tire retreading. We have tires for semi trucks, RV tires, and commercial truck tires for customers across McLennan County and the surrounding areas, including Waco, TX.

Emergency Services

Truck breakdowns can happen at any time of the day or night. This is why Re-Tire Sales and Service is happy to offer 24 hour roadside assistance. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We can handle your emergency road calls and roadside assistance needs. 24 hour roadside assistance Waco, TX.

Roadside Service

Our friendly staff has years of expertise and takes every service seriously. Time lost for you is time lost for us and that’s how you know that we take our response time very seriously.

Expect quick response times, fully stocked service vehicles, respectful service, and careful work from our dedicated team of big rig professionals.

Always Available

Where are you and what is your situation? The fast-response team of highly trained technicians at Re-Tire Sales and Service, LLC is standing by to dispatch to your location and service your vehicle on the spot from tire flats to full breakdowns.

We offer 24HR roadside service and emergency repair services that will have you back up-and-running in no time.

Fleet Maintenance

Time is money, as every businessman knows, and lost time equals lost money. Every minute that any of your fleet’s vehicles are down means a hit to your company’s bottom line. You can’t afford to have any of your technicians miss an appointment, or have a delivery driver or long haul driver miss a stop – at the very least it means a headache and an irritated customer. At the worst, it can mean losing business.

Having dependable vehicles is as important as having dedicated and reliable employees, and both are equally crucial to your competitiveness and your success as a business.

Fast and Efficient

Re-Tire Sales and Service, LLC is dedicated to being the most efficient and dependable truck trailer repair specialists around. Located in the heart of central Texas, we look forward to serving you.

Diesel Mechanic Shop

If there is an issue or repair that can’t be provided on the road, our state-of-the-art commercial truck repair service shop is ready to take on even the toughest jobs. From brake repair and oil changes to starters, alternators and engine work, we offer a full range of comprehensive services to meet your needs!

Our Guarantee

It’s a tough world out there for diesel trucks and trailers. They see hours and hours of service and hard miles, and need to be maintained to be reliable. Don’t let yourself get in a bind – give us a call at Re-Tire Sales and Service, LLC. We’ve got diesel repair covered.

No Job Too Big

The truck and trailer repair department at Re-Tire Sales and Service LLC is experienced when it comes to taking care of commercial accounts. Whether you’ve got a couple of service vans or a whole fleet of heavy trucks, we’ve got you taken care of with comprehensive services that includes:

New commercial tires from top brands

Commercial tire retreading


Drive tires

Air bags

Brake drums

Brake pads

Landing gear

Side patch repair

Tail lights


ICC bumpers

Brake Work


Steer tires

Electric tire balancing


Tandem slide

Roof patch repair

Clearance lights

Turn signals

Electrical wiring


Ready to Serve You