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PT 1: 2020 Fleet Industry Trends

Fleet industry trends in 2020 will continue to grow with technology and deliver more efficient solutions that will continue to drive costs down and ROI up.

But what should we be watching?

Here’s our take on the top fleet management trends 2020.

Data: The Treat of the Fleet

It wasn’t so long ago drivers were driving blind. Now that everything is measured, technology can drive a fleet monitoring system that keeps costs down in many ways.

Leveraging the power of data has transformed the fleet management market to improve processes and stretch their dollars.

Furthermore, by automating essential processes with software that used to have to be hand-written, well, we can both agree that a computer can take better notes than a human.

Data drives innovation. Innovation drives change. Change drives fear…

Fleet software consolidates all fleet data into one system to allow managers an easy way to track their fleet. Fleet trends show most are using some form of modern technology to aid management, whether it be telematics devices or fuel cards.

Autonomous Vehicles: The Effect

Companies are pouring resources into the AV industry. Car fleet management is big business. The outlook on fleet opportunities is extremely positive, making fleet management news.

AV technology is probably the most interesting sector to keep your eyes on. Capabilities continue to grow regarding trends in fleet management.

Increased productivity is the major benefit AV managers are reaping, and they are both hopeful and excited.

Fleet managers see AV tech as a means to improve processes and provide a potentially safer experience for operators. It could also be an opportunity to give drivers breaks throughout their route, improving both productivity and worker morale. Morale is an important factor in future employee recruitment.

Next time we will look at GPS and telemetics along with another surprise or two. See you then!